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Are you searching for the best online share training class and don’t know how to do share trading in stock market?

So, you are at the right place to solve all your queries. Learn online share market training course from expert. A professional share market training can help you to make correct financial decision in a right direction.

It is the best online training portal in India with 100% practical/ live project training.

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Coach Raghav Gupta provides Online Live Classes through Webinar and Live Share Market Trading Techniques. We are a popular Stock Market Agency and Trading Institute in Ranchi. We offer various trading courses that guide students with new career opportunities and active involvement with the stock market methodologies.


Anybody can join this Share Market Course class. There is no need take a big degree or knowledge. If you want to take a training session from him then Contact- 9226746645.
  • 10th Pass out & above
  • General completion students
  • Home Maker
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Businessman
  • Retired Person

Or any person who wants to make money in part time of full time. There is nothing to lose but lots of things to gain.

“If you want to grow fast and for long term than stock market trading is one of the best option”.


We are the best stock exchange platform in Ranchi, India. We always try to give our best to students. Following are the facilities which we offer to students.
  • Easy availability of trainers where there is a doubt in topics.
  • Helpful and experienced faculty.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Both type of training available Online and Offline.
  • Award winning institute.
  • In depth course training with webinars.
  • Provides E-study materials.
  • Low fees structure.
  • 100% practical training.
  • Certificate given to students after completion of course.


There are multiple reasons which attract people to join Indian share market trading. According to Coach Raghav Gupta “If you want to grow fast and for long term than stock market trading is one of the best option”. So, here Mr. Raghav going to explain why you should join share market class and invest in stock market trading in India. 1) Stock market trading can give you maximum return on investment (ROI). If you go for the right product in right time you can gain profit more than your expectations. Not other income plan can give you such a profit.

2) In share market there are many ways present. You can proceed with any one like- Delivery based trading, Margin trading or Derivative trading. Different trading have different benefits and its procedure to invest is also different. You can go for that plan which is suitable for you.

3) You can choose to invest in share market according to your choice. You can do buying or selling shares through any Stock broking agency or you can go for online trading. We are the best online share trading broker in India.

4) Online share trading has became simpler than any time in recent memory. Presently you can trade in stock exchange with just a few clicks and from any place of the world through the online stock exchanging portals. We are one of the top share market online trading platform in India.

5) You can invest the stock exchange with a little amount. There is no limits in investing in Share market like other investment options where you need to invest a specific amount. So with stock exchanging you are free to contribute with whatever you have.

6) Stock market gives you an opportunity to put your fund into various segments. You are not bounded to go for a particular company or one specific industry. You can invest your fund according to your preferable organizations from different categories.

7) Share market enables you to invest in the index itself. It will ensure you that your investment isn't at all depend upon a specific organization. May be you will gain profit from the whole performance of the share market. We are one of the best share trading training institute in India. You can join us to know depth knowledge about share market investment.

8) Share trading and invest in market is absolutely transparent and safe. It is controlled by some regulatory boards; there are also different laws and acts present which become trading more authentic.

9) There is no term limit of investment. If you want to gain profit on daily basis than you can go for margin trading or daily trading. In this process you can invest a little in the stock market and close the deal in the end of stock market hour daily. This way you can earn every day.

10) There are multiple options in investment is available in share trading. You know that this market is volatile, so short selling option is the best for some investors. Here you can sale a share at high price then when market goes down you can again purchase the share at low cost. In this process investor can earn profit.

11) If you came to know the power of compounding of your fund , you will not go for other investment option. Coach Raghav Gupta says ” if you can wait for a long term you will get the best outcome of your investment”. It is one of the important reason to join in stock market.

Or any person who wants to make money in part time of full time. There is nothing to lose but lots of things to gain.

“If you want to grow fast and for long term than stock market trading is one of the best option”.